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GM Science Corp


Through a dynamic thirty-week after-school program, Science Corps exposes students to real-world STEM applications and problems. The curriculum covers an exciting range of topics including nanotechnology, physics, environmental science, energy and sustainability. Session activities include lab experiences, individual and group projects, guest speakers, off-campus field trips, technology-centered instruction, and mentorship from STEM professionals.

Students Explaining Project to Raul Vill


With a mission of developing leaders in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) the GM Foundation/LNESC partnership has existed for almost 30 years and seeks to motivate middle school students to pursue careers in the STEM fields by exposing them to real-world STEM applications and problems.

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About GM Foundation


Since its inception in 1976, the GM Foundation has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to American charities, educational organizations and to disaster relief efforts worldwide. The GM Foundation focuses on supporting Education, Health and Human Services, the Environment and Community Development initiatives, mainly in the communities where GM operates. Funding of the GM Foundation comes solely from GM. The last contribution to the GM Foundation was made in 2001. For more information, visit

About LNESC & GM Science Corps

Science Corp is an after-school program meeting twice a week for an hour and a half for middle school students that combines hands-on, inquiry-based learning with motivational experiences to increase student interest in science, engineering, technology, and mathematics fields in high school and college. Program activities include after-school STEM instruction, hands-on lab experiences, technology-centered instruction, women and minority STEM-related speakers, and field experiences. All teachers are certified to lead STEM workshops and to facilitate the program.

Science Corps student participant STAAR scores were recorded in the areas of mathematics for grades 6-8 and science for grade 8. From the scores reported, in almost every grade and subject, Science Corps students exceeded the Texas state average for their respective grades. For example, in 8th Grade Mathematics, 92% of Science Corps Students met the student standard level II, exceeding the Texas state average by 14 percentage points. In 7th Grade Mathematics, 86% of Science Corps Students met the student standard level II, exceeding the Texas state average by 15 percentage points.

“Our goal is to inform our community about this great partnership that has created tremendous excitement about STEM careers on our campus, and to inform our parents about the skills necessary to land a job in the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math,” said Reny E. Lizardo, principal at Carter Middle School. He continued, “Ms. Genedra Trotter, the Science Corps Program Teacher will be showcasing the amazing work that our students accomplished last year and will highlight the outstanding plans that we will implement in our second year".

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