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Hispanic Immigrant Integration Program


The HIIP is a free citizenship prep program designed to assist low-income predominantly Spanish speaking eligible Permanent Residents to become engaged US citizens. Classes are offered twice per week during the Fall and Spring semesters on campus at the University of North Texas at Dallas where up to twenty university students are enrolled in a “Spanish in the Community” course. They benefit by conversing with approximately one hundred (100) citizenship class students who are taught the basics of the citizenship course by their mentor teachers.




The mission of the HIIP is to implement a robust curriculum designed to the prepare eligible US Permanent Residents to prepare for and pass the USCIS administered citizenship interview while also exposing university students to culturally different individuals in their community.

Program Description

In partnership with the UNT at Dallas, the local UNIVISION Television network and several nonprofit organizations that provide legal assistance for a group of up to one hundred (100) eligible US Permanent Residents who aspire to become US Citizens. The partnership provides twice-weekly classes for the participants by:


1) building student confidence for successful completion of the citizenship process

2) provide convenient, accessible and appropriate instruction to participants who may have varying levels of formal education

3) prepare students for the naturalization exam using efficient tools and instruction that are responsive to the parameters of the naturalization exam 

4) impart to students that U.S. citizenship is the beginning (and not the end) of their civic participation journey in the United States

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