What should I be doing now?


Have you received all of your award letters from colleges?

Once you have submitted your FAFSA, colleges should be getting back to you with an award letter, anywhere from 2-6 weeks. That's why It's Important to get you financial information in quickly! The same applies if you were selected for verification. Those documents need to be sent to the requesting institutions ASAP in order for you to receive and award letter.

Have you completed the verification process?

After submitting your FAFSA, you may be selected for a process called verification. You will know if you were selected via your student aid report. you may see an asterik (*) next to your efc, and it will be stated in the opening paragraph. Being selected means that now that you have completed your FAFSA, you also have to send out verification documents to those institutions you listed as receiving your FAFSA. These documents can include, a household size verification form, student financial verification form, parent financial verification form and a tax transcript. An institutions verification process is unique so make sure you look up how that specific school wants you to send them your documents.

Did you apply to all you colleges on Apply Texas and CommonApp?

Make sure that you have applied to all the colleges that you want to apply to before their set deadline. Some colleges have rolling admissions while others have stricter deadlines. Applying before the early action deadline is always a good thing since you will know of the colleges decision much earlier and can make your decision as well.

Have you submitted your fafsa and ensured that all Colleges are listed on it?

Make sure that all the colleges you have applied to have also received your FAFSA information. If you have more than 10 colleges you need to send your FAFSA to, you must make a correction to it. Also just because you submitted the FAFSA it does not mean that it has been processed succesfully, check to make sure that it reads as processed succesfuly on your student aid report.